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The ToxiCity of eWaste: Its time to reuse and recycle

The device you are reading this on right now will one day be eWaste.

It's 2018, we are on our devices constantly and the expansion of the IOT, has only diversified how we can connect. The average person has a cellphone, a personal computer, a gaming console and perhaps an e Watch and much more. The RepairXperts want to make sure that people understand the importance of their impact on e-Waste. We are educating our friends and followers on recycling electronics, buying used devices and understanding the value of a device. 

It is important that the valuable material found in the estimated 500 million phones discarded throughout the country are recycled. We are already creating digital garbage gyres, and as usual, the world's most vulnerable countries are affected. In Accra Ghana, there is an e-Waste dump that covers over 20 acres called Agbogbloshie or ToxiCity, and it's the worlds largest e-Waste dump. 

Acres of land in the developing world are aswirl with toxic smoke as low-income workers extract materials to sell to metal dealers and traders. Outside of fact that these labor conditions are unsafe and unethical--consider that they are inefficient. Efficient recycling should be a factor in the device design!  

Perhaps its time to evaluate two codependent economies, ourselves and our environment.

Companies are scrambling to secure metals to produce metals to create more product for us to throw away! We need to do better and invest the wealth of our planet as wisely and efficiently as we invest our dollars. Protect Mother Nature and protect the future of our planet.

1. Use your devices longer and shop wisely for upgrades.

2. Repair your devices instead of replacing them

3. Replace devices with Certified Pre Owned devices 

4. Recycle/donate used devices for reuse/ material extraction

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