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The RepairXperts Help You Compare The Best Smartphones

What is the value of your smartphone? The market price for a new smartphones is anywhere between $600-$1000. The RepairXpert sells certified pre-owned devices from $200-$600, a $400 difference! We decided to investigate some feature comparisons to understand the upgrades people are paying for. 

What are the differences in the devices that is creating a divide like this?

iPhone StartUp Comparison:

Are people paying for a faster phone? As seen in the video the iPhone 8 and 8Plus were the fastest to start, however the iPhone 6S followed and then the iPhone 7. This was then followed by the original iPhone! The startup speed was not determined by the year of release. 

iPhone Sound Comparison: 

Perhaps people are paying for superior sound quality. In this video The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus have great sound and have the most superior speakers in terms of decibles (103.9 and 103.1) However the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone7 had a similar range of sound capability--the only real differences were seen in the original iPhone models.  

iPhone Camera Comparison: 

The camera comparison shows that Apple has improved the lowlight image capturing and the video captures. The comparison between the original iPhone and the iPhone 8 are . The camera difference between the later models frame for frame show not much of a discernible difference with the iPhone 5,iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. Watch the comparison closely, to the naked eye are the differences worth $400?  The photo quality of an iPhone 5 is perfectly adequate to the average user. 

iPhone Internet Speed Comparison:

Apple has done a great job of improving the sophistication of their devices. The iPhone 8 is one of the best smartphones of 2017. But the best smartphones of the years previous have similar features and the price difference makes you consider what it is that you are paying for? 

Samsung Galaxy StartUp Comparison: 

As seen in the video, the Galaxy 8 had the fastest start up speed, but it was surprisingly followed by the Galaxy S2, S6 and Galaxy S5. Once again, the startup speed of the smartphone was not determined by the year of release.

Samsung Galaxy Speed Comparison: 

Lets check out the speed--perhaps people are paying for the speed of the Samsung Galaxy. As noted in the video the Galaxy S5 model and up are equipped with great WiFi chips that access websites very quickly. The HTML browser compatibility for the Galaxy S5 actually beats the Galaxy S8. The speed of the fingerprint unlock was also pretty consistent throughout models. 

Samsung Galaxy Sound Comparison: 

The Samsung Galaxy 8 has great sound and its speaker system is an improvement when compared to the Galaxy S7. The numbers of the decibel output was consistent across all of the Samsung models. However the first Galaxy S had the highest output of 100.6 decibels, which was even higher than the S8. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera Comparison: 

As with Apple, the camera improvement for the Samsung Galaxy is seen with its low light and video capabilities. The photo comparison in adequate lighting showed very few differences. 

When you buy a certified pre-owned device you are paying more than half of the market prices on devices! We compared features to help our customers educate themselves on the value of the device they are buying and what they are willing to pay for  you compare features and ask yourself what you are looking for in a device it is really astounding to realize how the year of the device has little to do with the performance of the device. It means that there is more value in the capability of the devices. Create even more value. Fight e-waste, save money and plant a tree. Buy with the RepairXperts and make a difference today. 

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