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Reasons to Buy Certified Pre-Owned/(Used Phones)?

Why should you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned device with RepairXpert? 

At RepairXpert, we are industry leaders in the repair business. Therefore all of the devices we test for resale have gone through extensive testing. Our technicians ensure optimal performance of all of our products, not only do our smartphones look great, but they also perform excellently. There is no reason to lock into contracts and overspend when its time to replace your device.

The reasoning is not entirely financial, consider the environmental impact. Purchasing a refurbished phone protects the planet from an expense of its own,  electronic waste. Did you know that there are valuable and dangerous elements in your devices? When we discard anything, it goes through a decomposition process. Electronic waste, or e-waste, from your devices, decompose and reenter the environment in unnatural ways. Recycling electronics is still not the most efficient process, so optimizing the use of a device is essential to living green! 

When you bring devices to RepairXpert, we bring them  back to speed, or sell you a great refurbished replacement. In both instances, you are supporting Mother Nature and protecting your own funds and resources! Additionally, due to our Plant a Tree initiative, RepairXpert and the National Forest Foundation plant a tree every time you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned device. Give back and save money when you purchase a certified pre-owned device and upgrade the way you think about electronics. 

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