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iPhone X: Tips to consider before buying an iPhone X

The iPhoneX, to buy or not to buy--that is the question.

The iPhone X, to buy or not to buy--that is the question.

The RepairXperts are here to help you with an answer! Consider your needs as a user, do you prefer a phone with the best camera? The fastest processor? Best security? The iPhone X is certainly flashy. However, you can get great functionality out of a certified pre-owned(CPO) device.

Buying a CPO device with the RepairXperts not only saves you money, but it also saves the environment with our Plant a Tree Initiative. If you are still contemplating committing to the thousand dollar purchase of an iPhone X. Read the features we outlined below to evaluate the features you need in a device properly.

Camera: Every time a new smartphone is released, there seems to be a slight camera upgrade. The iPhone X is no exception with its stunning 12MP wide angle camera. But this is a moment where you have to assess your needs. Are you in digital marketing, photography or some other specialized field that required high-quality photos? Or are you like most consumers who use phone cameras for personal use. 

Face ID: A defining feature of this new iPhone X is the erasure of the Touch ID scanner. Instead, the users face is recognized for Apple Pay and unlocking your phone. *Many have expressed concern over the security of a feature like this, however, Apple has assured the community that the device is secure.) This removal of the home button is a feature unique to the iPhone X and differentiates it from all other iPhone models.

Enhanced Screen: Without the Touch ID scanner, the home button was removed. The iPhone screen has an edge to edge display.

Speed: What are the requirements on he iPhone X has the fastest Apple processor to date the A11 Bionic Chip. This chip has four efficiency cores and two performance cores with six CPUs. This makes the phone 70% faster than the A10 Fusion chip found in older models. 

Consider these upgraded features and also consider your needs and expectations from a phone. Choose what is best for your wallet and your needs. We hope that you buy a buy a certified pre-owned device with us and take a stance against e-waste.


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