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How to Use S6 Edge+ in Private Mode


        We all have been living in the era of smartphone, but the consistency between different smartphones has always been there. People have been looking for a phone that could give them an edge over others. With the launch of Samsung S6 Edge Plus, people were attracted to the unusual design of the phone. Its’ curved edges and innovative features make it unique in the market. Well, the excellent performance of the mobile phone is worth the price you pay. It has a 4GB built-in RAM, 32 to 64 internal storage and the bigger screen with the rounded corners. It is not something to be missed.

You might not know about its’ different modes that can be activated to enjoy the other features of the phone.

So, let’s take about the private mode of the phone.

Steps to activate the private mode:

There are certain steps to activate the private mode and they are given as:

  •          Go to the Apps from the Home screen of S6 Edge+
  •          Go to the “Settings”
  •          In “Settings”, you’ll get to see the “Personal” panel. Tap the “personal” panel to get more          options
  •          Go through the options in “Personal” panel, and click on “Privacy & Security” menu
  •          In the “Privacy & Security” menu, you will see the option of “Private Mode”
  •          With opening the “Private Mode”, there will be a dialogue asking about “Confirm” or “Cancel”
  •          Press “Confirm” to proceed further
  •          At the upper right corner of the current mode, there will be a slider asking about to activation of Private mode on the phone
  •          Next to it, there will be four options such as PIN, Pattern, Passwords and Fingerprints
  •          Then go with the flow for completing the procedure
  •          Set PIN, Password, Pattern or Finger print from the option
  •          After selecting from the options, click OK. It will activate the private mode


Steps to hide contents in Galaxy S6 Edge+:

Once the private mode has been activated, you will be able to hide images, videos, voice recordings and other data that is important for you. Here are some of the steps to hide content in Samsung S6 Edge+:

  •          Go to Apps from the Home screen
  •          Go to the Gallery where all the pictures are saved
  •          Go to the desired album and hold an image, you’ll see a check mark over the image.
  •          Click for more options
  •          Go through the list of options.
  •          Tap on “Move to Private”
  •          The desired data has been sent to the hidden content folder of the phone.

The procedure will be followed for other type of data to be hidden. But after hiding the desired content, images, videos, voice recordings, you are supposed to disable the activated “Private Mode” from settings. But once you are in Private Mode, your phone is secure and you can enjoy your content. 

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