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How to Dry a Water Damaged iPhone?

We have seen a lot of experiments of dropping the iphone in water to check to check its resistance towards liquids but it’s not always successful and your iphone can’t always survive against water. Iphone is a strong electronic gadget but water often makes it vulnerable to prolonged damage. You just have to embrace the fact that what is done is done now you have to act fast to save your iphone before it stops to function.

If you drop your phone in the shower or in any kind of puddle of water don’t think of it as a death sentence for your iphone because you can still manage to recover your data and save your phone even after water damage. SO, save yourself from this tragedy and try these tips and tricks that can pull your iphone back into its working state.

Tips and Tricks             

  1. Take your phone out of the water immediately and if it is connected to a plug don’t turn it on to check if it is working because that might lead to a short circuit. If is off leave it off and don’t be tempted to open the power.
  2. Remove the sim card and battery so that major components of the iphone are not exposed to water. Then shake the iphone a little to remove excess water from all the ports.
  3. Don’t try to dry it using a hair dryer or other heat based drying tools because it might damage the internal components of your phone.
  4. You can also check the liquid contact sensor in the iphone that turns red if a contact with some fluid is made.
  5. Only use the iphone repair kit if you know how to dismantle the whole system properly but you don’t have to worry about it if you have warranty on that iphone. Moreover, you can also take it to an apple store tip there is serious damage and they can help you out with their liquid detectors which will inform them where the damage is substantial.


Home Remedies

  1. Uncooked rice is a staple and is found at everyone’s home so use that to cover your iphone fully in a bowl and leave it for 48 hours. The rice is very absorbent and it will soak out the moisture to a great extent.
  2. You might have seen those silica gel packets that come with every new product you purchase but they are known to be hazardous to consume. Well, you can use them to save your phone from water. Muster a lot of them and cover up the iphone and leave it for two days as it will dry all the water out.
  3. Open up your iphone and soak the battery and SD card in Isopropyl alcohol for two minutes because it displaces the water and evaporates quickly form the conductive parts. Shake the phone and keep it in a heated place but be careful so that the phone doesn’t get overheated for instance an oven. The phone will turn up just fine once it is dried out completely. 
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