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How temper glass protects your phone screen from breaking

Those smart phones come with certain inherent weaknesses as well but you can leave it to the smart community of users out there to come up with a solution for everything! Numerous solutions exist such as PET film and TPU but nothing comes as close to full on tempered glass. Why settle for mere scratch resistance when you can pro all the way to rock resistant. Discussed below is the mechanism behind it and what exactly goes on in a situation where your 6 year old nephew introduces a rock at full force to your smart phone right in the screen.

Basically tempered glass is silicon mated to a transparent adhesive allowing it to form a complete sheet with corresponding layers. The defence offered by these protectors start from basic scratch resistance and go all the way to basic head-on impact absorption. One simply cannot appreciate the worthiness of these add-ons enough. Packed in less than 0.4mm is a layer of protection which can mean the difference between a cracked screen and zero damage for your phone!

A little reference to the application this substance has will help you get an idea of its versatility. The military grade adage which accompanies most of these covers is more than just a marketing stunt. If you ever come across an Aerospace pamphlet; note the silicon protective sheets mentioned therein; they are the same thing used in the covers you get for your Smartphone.

If we take a critical route; a direct disadvantage can be spotted. The added thickness can be a little off-putting for some and a thick sheet of glass covering your phone isn’t exactly discreet. However aesthetics concerns is one thing; there lies no point in giving preference to looks over durability because functionality always comes first. You’d rather be with a roughed up Smartphone which works rather than one with a cracked screen being no more useful than a 10 cent paper weight.

At this point you might be deciding on buying a cover or suggest it to a friend. On visiting the market you may come across alternatives including plastic covers which may appear the same as tempered glass. However the differences, subtle though they may be, make for all the difference between good and the best. For one, glass covers give a clearer display whereas with plastic covers a little distortion may have to be accounted for. Similarly, finger print smudges are less likely on glass covers.

In conclusion; a glass protector forms and provides a hard line of defence between your phone and potential surface of impact. The next time your phone falls; you can be at a peace of mind already knowing the two situations possible. One is that the cover took a dent or the phone didn’t land screen first. Two, the phone landed screen first and the cover shattered; dutifully sacrificing itself for the greater good of the original screen beneath.

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