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Galaxy S8 ! Everything you need to know


the new samsung galaxy s8 and its top features for a smartphone

Galaxy S8 might just change the way we all use our smartphones today ! With some of the industry greatest features combined with first time every bluetooth and LTE speeds.

There are two features involving the Galaxy S8’s wireless connectivity that users should be very excited about. Galaxy S8 will be the first phone to support gigabit LTE speeds and the next-generation wireless technology  Bluetooth 5.0. It’s more power efficient, it has four times the range, and it supports two simultaneous independent streams. That means you can play a video and stream to two separate pairs of Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

Bixby's aim: to learn what you like to do with your smartphone, and then adapt itself to cater to those particular actions. It's not a search engine like Google Assistant; it is an assistant, and it can navigate around your smartphone the way that you normally would with your own fingertips. Bixby will support almost every task you ask it to do, like cropping a photo, applying a filter, or sharing it with your favorite social network. Eventually, you'll be able to talk Bixby through your process without looking at the screen at all.

Bixby Vision uses the camera to recognize objects and words. Hold up a candy bar, business card or shampoo bottle, and much like Amazon's Flow feature, Bixby Vision will flutter to life. It can identify text to extract and share and objects to research or purchase. It reads QR codes and translates text using Google Translate. A partnership with Vivino pulls up tasting notes when you scan wine. It'll recognize landmarks (even from a picture, Samsung says). Sounds familiar? Bixby Vision is a lot like Google Goggles, as well as apps we've seen on other phones.

Samsung DeX - Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) dock accessory to morph into a desktop PC-like environment. The specialized dock, that looks like a candle holder, supports a monitor connection via HDMI, keyboard, mouse, and two USB ports to help expand the Galaxy S8’s capabilities. Samsung’s dock even has a special embedded cooling fan to help keep the Galaxy S8 cool when you’re using it to display Android apps on a monitor, and a USB-C connection to power it.

Processors - The Exynos 8895 is Samsung’s first chip built on 10-nanometer FinFET process technology. The 8895 is an octa-core chip featuring four Samsung second-gen custom cores meant to improve performance and power efficiency and four Corex-A53 cores. The new chip consumes 40% less power than 14nm equivalents, featuring up to 27% higher performance.

The Exynos 8895 is the first Samsung chip to embed a gigabit LTE modem that supports download speeds of up to 1Gbps (Cat 16.) with 5CA (carrier aggregation) and upload speeds of up to 150Mbps (Cat. 13), with 2CA.


The chip supports video recording and playback at a maximum resolution of 4K at 120fps, and is supposed to deliver “video processing technology that enables a higher quality experience by enhancing the image quality.” Samsung insists on the Exynos 8895’s “realistic and immersive VR video experience at 4K resolution,” seemingly indicating what the Galaxy S8 might be good at.

The company notes that the chip will support multi-format codec and next-level 3D graphics performance thanks to the integration of the brand new Mali-G71 GPU.

The chip has a separate CPU that handles security solutions for mobile payments that use iris or fingerprint authentication, and an embedded Vision Processing Unit (VPU) that can deliver “improved video tracking, panoramic image processing, and machine vision technology.”


The Galaxy S8 launch on April 21st !!



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