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Fix One Plant One: Green iPhone Repair in Westchester County

Here's how you can support a local business and help the planet. Fight eWaste with the RepairXperts! We keep your devices in use longer, and we sell refurbished, recycled devices at discount prices. The RepairXperts go above and beyond to provide excellent service and products to our customers while being green. We want to save people money and save our environment against eWaste and its side effects

To give our green initiative more impact in the fight against eWaste, we began our Plant a Tree project. 

Whenever we sell a recycled smartphone or when we restore a device (that would be eWaste) we plant a tree. Our trees are medicineshelter, food, and the lungs of this planet. Planting trees are our way of thanking our beautiful world for being our home. Help us help the earth! When you purchase a certified pre-owned device or repair a device with the RepairXperts, we plant a tree. 

The RepairXperts repair devices in Westchester County.

We are located at 221 E. Main St. Mount Kisco, NY and Port Chester NY on 191 Westchester Avenue. Whether you are in Westchester County or across the country, we will be happy to help you. We offer Mail-In Repair for our distant customers, On Site Repair and In-Store services. Check out some of our prices below and book an appointment with us today!

Cracked Screen: iPhone 8 Plus($160)/iPhone 8 ($140) Book Now

Cracked Screen: iPhone 7 Plus ($150)/iPhone 7($130) Book Now

Cracked Screen: iPhone 6S Plus ($130)/iPhone 6S ($110) Book Now

Cracked Screen: iPhone 6 Plus($120)/iPhone 6 ($90) Book Now

The RepairXperts fight eWaste, save you money and  keep you out of contracts with service providers. Shop with us today and follow our blog. Don't forget to comment below and tell us how you are being GREEN!

Fix One Plant One: Going Green with Tablet Repairs

Do you remember your first tablet? 

Apple released the first iPad in 2010, and they have been popular on the market ever since. Tablets are pretty convenient. If the laptop was popularized because it mobilized computing on a desktop; then the tablet, in turn, has made our laptops more portable.

Tablets are a great carry around a device to watch movies, conduct searches, video message, etc. Since devices are capable of similar functionalities, choosing a method based on your needs and preferences is the advantage of variety. Factors such as screen size, portability plus UI help us decide the devices we use.

Maintaining your electronics is easier and faster with the RepairXperts. We repair and restore Samsung Galaxy tablets, Apple iPads so that they are functional longer. While fixing your devices at any business is a stance against eWaste; when you repair a tablet with the RepairXperts, you also help us Plant a Tree

Our partnership with National Forest Foundation planted over 1,000 trees last year!

Saving money and going green is important to many of us at home, at work and school. When you repair your tablet with the RepairXperts, you save money and plant a tree. From restaurants to nonprofits, businesses are using tablets in many different ways to engage their customers. Schools are also using iPads to engage and connect their classrooms. The RepairXperts want to save you more money and give you the best service around. Recieve $10 off tablet repair when you mention the coupon code: (XPERT10) at checkout

Book an appointment to visit us in Mt. Kisco or Port Chester NY!

Comment below and let us know how your business has gone green!

Fix One Plant One: Green MacBook Repair and Laptop Repair

The RepairXperts do MacBook repair, laptop repair and much more. We can fix a variety of issues, at a great price, with a focus on customer service. Not only do we have competitive pricing, the RepairXperts plant a tree whenever you repair your laptop. Last year we planted over 1,000 trees with the National Forest Foundation. We are very proud of our  Plant A Tree initiative, and this year we hope to plant 5,000 trees.

Screen Damage Book Now

Damage to the LCD and screen is resolved while you wait. Book now to schedule a repair with the RepairXperts. Your repair plants a tree with the National Forest Foundation!

No Power/Battery Issues Book Now

Battery and power issues have a nonrefundable diasgnostic fee of $50, which is applied to the repair. Make an appointment, together we will plant a tree!

Virus Removal: Book Now

The RepairXperts will remove viruses from your laptop or MacBook and get your device functional as soon as possible. Book Now!

Liquid Damage: Book Now

Book Now Any liquid damage on your device has a $75 diagnostic fee, applied to the repair. Book now and plant a tree!

International Forest Day: Fight eWaste and Plant a Tree

Happy International Day of Forests! The RepairXperts have partnered with the National Forest Foundation for our Plant A Tree Initiative. Our trees and forests play a crucial role in managing climate change. 


Trees Absorb Carbon Dioxide: It is well known that carbon sequestration is essential to fighting climate change. Trees help balance the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The canopy from forests and trees offer natural shade that keeps the ground temperature cooler. This maintains temperatures and preserves the fertile topsoil. Carbon, the basic component of life, is trapped in topsoil and not exposed to the hot sun. Dry soil releases carbon into the air, where it combines with oxygen creating carbon dioxide.

Trees Manage and Filter Water: Clean water is a concern for all us as water is a vital resource. 75% of the fresh water supply is from forests. Trees create clouds that attract other clouds contributing to precipitation. They manage rainfall so it can steadily fall to the forest floor. The water captured in the soil filters into water tables and eventually feed freshwater springs and rivers. Planting trees in our forests can assist in reintroducing water into the water cycle sooner.

Trees Purify and Condition Air: Trees release water vapor that contributes to cloud creation. In cities and industrial areas, these clouds absorb particulate matter into droplets. Then precipitation returns pollutants to the ground and cleans the air. Trees absorb fierce winds in the winter and cool the are from the heat of summer, and function as year-round temperature control.

Comment below with some additional ways that trees help fight climate change! Read our  blog on eWaste and going green. 

The Effects Of Plastic Pollution In Our Environment

Plastic is everywhere.

Look around; plastic microfibers are released from our plastic products and released into our water supply. These microfibers are so tiny; our treatment facilities are unable to filter them. Instead, they end up poisoning the water, the wildlife, the food supply and the air.  

Concerns about the quality of municipal water have many people buying bottled water. A threatened water supply is a dangerous scenario, as we have been taught by the Flint Michigan water crisis. But neglected infrastructure is not the only threat to a clean water supply.  

Even premium priced bottled and treated water can have exorbitant amounts of plastic microfibers. The United States has the highest rate of plastic microfibers worldwide according to a recent study conducted by Orb Media. Plastic microfibers can come from debris from litter, tires, polyester clothing, cosmetics etc. This debris makes its way into the air we breathe daily, these plastics could affect our lungs and potentially circulation. 

As these plastic microfibres contaminate our water supply, they also affect our food supply. The seafood we eat, the foods we make with water or wash with water are all affected when the water supply is contaminated. As researchers investigate how plastics affect our health; here are a few ways that you can limit your exposure to plastics and limit your contribution to the larger problem.

1. Cut Down Your Consumption

Americans throw away over 500 million straws away a day.  

2. Recycle More, Waste Less

Raising the rate of recycling could slow the problem.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Containers 

Use mason jars and glass containers for storage instead of plastic. The next time you have a coffee/tea use a portable coffee cup. 

4. Cut Back on Synthetic Fabrics

Washing your polyester clothing and other synthetic fabrics introduces plastics into the water supply. Plastic is also released into the air via friction from synthetic clothing. 

Recycling devices, fighting e-Waste and planting more trees is our contribution to reducing plastics and cleaning up the environment. We recycle and restore devices keeping them out of landfills and environmentally unsafe extraction facilities. We plant trees with the NFF because trees keep our planet healthy, filtering our water and air. Join the RepairXperts, let's take less, leave more and always recycle. 

Why People Are Buying Pre-Owned Smartphones

Recently we have witnessed the price of our devices reach $1000, and consumers are less hasty to upgrade. More and more people are becoming savvier to the refurbished and recycled device market.

Second-hand smartphones now account for approximately 10% of smartphone sales.  

While the average consumer has been known to upgrade their devices once every two years, that gap is widening. Consumers are comparing price tags with the feature upgrades and are choosing refurbished and recycled devices more and more

"Even two-year-old handsets run apps flawlessly, offer plenty of storage space, and take great pictures. So why upgrade?"

The RepairXperts have made this green economical choice easier for consumers with our online store. We also plant a tree with every purchase of a certified pre-owned device. Browse refurbished Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and smartphone accessories to save money today.

Fighting e-Waste and protecting the environment is a very important cause to us and we hope that our customers will learn to care about these issues as we document our journey. Follow our blog and follow us on social media to follow our story. We also plant a tree with every purchase of a certified pre-owned device. Browse refurbished Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and smartphone accessories to save money today. 

Spring Cleaning Time: How to Recycle Your e-Waste

In our stores, on our blog, and on social media, the RepairXperts have been vocal about taking better care of our planet. One of the ways we propose to do this is by planting more trees and by properly disposing of dangerous electronic waste so that recyclable goods can be re-purposed. 

Give away old devices:

If you want to upgrade from your current iPhone 7 to the iPhone X, then treat yourself! But that iPhone 7 is still a great smartphone--consider giving it to someone in need. Giving away an old device is a great way to recycle e-waste, and many smartphones are capable of the same functionalities. Gift your older devices to a friend, family member or donation center to cut e-Waste. 

Find a responsible recycling center:

Find a recycling center or an e-Waste drive near you and make sure that they are responsible. There are many components to our devices, gold, platinum, and other valuable earth metals. Some electronic recycling centers are not recycling efficiently, and there are environmental consequences to their methods. 

Buy used devices:

By purchasing certified pre-owned/ refurbished smartphones, you are helping cut e-Waste and excessive production while being a savvy consumer. Compare your prospects, consider your needs and we hope that you will buy with the RepairXperts and plant a tree with us. 

Inexpensive iPhone Screen Repair Also Plants A Tree :)

Unfortunately for some people, breaking the screen of a new smartphone screen is not a question of if, it's a question of when. What kind of person are you? Even with most durable phone cases and the best screen protectors, there are some screen breaking professionals


Replacing a smartphone because of a broken screen is wasteful and exorbitant. Instead of contributing to the huge e-Waste issue, back up your data and visit a local repair shop for a screen replacement. The RepairXperts are an inexpensive resource for any device needs, visit us in Port Chester or Mt Kisco NY. We have recently updated our prices for iPhone screen replacements. 

iPhone 5: $60

iPhone 5C: $60

iPhone SE: $85

iPhone 6: $100

iPhone 6 Plus: $110

iPhone 7: $110

iPhone 7 Plus: $120

iPhone 8: $130

iPhone 8 Plus: $140

iPhone X: Call for Details

Don't leave the wrong impression on your next date or job interview with that broken phone screen! 

Did you know that a recent dating app study concluded that 86% of women negatively judge men for not fixing their smartphone screens? Instead of striking out, visit the RepairXperts! Not only do we have the best prices around, but your repair or smartphone purchase plants a tree with the National Forest Foundation. Check out our Plant A Tree initiative and book online today to save an additional $10! 

4 Parental Control Apps For Childrens' Smartphones

We live in a world where people from all over the globe can connect online through their devices. With increased accessibility, there is also increased responsibility. Parents now have to keep their children safe online from cyber-bullying, online predators and inappropriate content. To help you get started the RepairXperts have put together a list of some popular parental control apps.  

Norton Family: https://family.norton.com/web/

+ iOS and Android friendly

+ Monitor Texts

+ Monitor Searches

+ Website History

+ GPS Location

+ Social Media Monitoring( Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Snapchat)

Qustodio: https://www.qustodio.com

+ iOS and Android friendly

+ Monitor Texts

+ Monitor Internet Usage

+ Website History

+ GPS Location

+ Social Media Monitoring

Pumpic: https://pumpic.com/

+ iOS and Android friendly

+ Monitor Texts

+See deleted Texts

+ Photo Gallery Access 

+ Website History

+GPS Location

+ Call Log History

+ Social Media Monitoring( Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Snapchat)

Net Nanny: https://www.netnanny.com/

+ iOS and Android friendly

+ Block Pornography

+Set Schedules of Internet Use

+ Filter (site access, profanities)

Do your research about these companies and choose one that suits your needs! Remember to buy certified pre-owned devices as affordable starter phones and equip them with the proper safety measures. 

From The RepairXperts: Best Android Apps For Your Smartphone

Our smartphones are great for keeping in touch and keeping entertained.  Applications enhance the functionalities of our smartphones. The apps we choose connect us to video content, gaming, transportation etc. and make our smartphones unique. 

Here are some smartphone applications for Android OS you may find interesting!

Twilight: As much as we love using our devices, blue light is horrible for our health. It disrupts sleeping patterns, contributes to macular degeneration and that is just we know of so far. The Twilight app is one of the ways to manage blue light exposure. This smartphone app manages blue light exposure throughout the day to help ensure a good nights sleep.

Opera Max: It is common knowledge that keeping your data safe with a VPN is a great preliminary step to online security. However not many people are willing to pay for a service they are unfamiliar with. Opera Max is a FREE VPN service available in the Play Store. 

SongKick: Connected to your music players to Songkick and be alerted when your favorite artists are in town.

Last Pass: Keeping track of passwords and password updates is a full time job. The Last Pass password manager is a FREE tool that helps manage all of your passwords. Last Pass also helps you generate new secure passwords and stores them for easy retrieval when you land on your login pages. 

WiFi Mapper: If you are always searching for a WiFi connection download the WiFi manager, WiFi Mapper.  With this application you can finally see a map of WiFi connections near you and skip the coffee shop hunt!

Charity Miles: Charity Miles is an application that tracks your fitness as you run, bike or walk. Corporate partners pledge to reward your fitness and app engagement to a charity of your choice! 

Shazam: Have you ever been in a trendy lounge or coffee shop and they play a really GREAT song? Find it and add it to your Spotify playlist with Shazaam. Shazaam listens to the music and identifies the song and artist you are looking for.  

Pushbullet: The content on the internet is usually responsive and optimized to your devices. But sometimes its easier to view content on a laptop or desktop. Pushbullet lets you quickly migrate content that you are looking at on your smartphone right to your computer!

We hope that you found some cool applications that you are interested in. Comment below and let us know what your favorite apps are!