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7 Common Misconceptions about Cell Phone Repair

7 Common Misconceptions about Cell Phone Repair

There is a lot of wrong and false buzz in the market about cell phone repairing from the media and the people on how they perceive the cell phone repairing industry. Since cell phones are now becoming an essential part of people’s everyday life, they become cautious when it comes to repairing their cell phones and thus, people end up developing these seven common misconceptions mentioned below. Let’s debunk these seven common misconceptions about cell phone repair to make life easier for the people and the repairing community:

  1.        “The only people who can fix my phone are certified technicians”.

A lot of people think that only certified technicians can repair or fix their phone the right way, however, the truth is no certification is needed to operate a mobile phone repair shop in most countries. Some of the highly skilled technicians without certification spend hours and hours researching and looking for solutions to solve cell phone problems and repair.

  1.        “If a third party repair shop fixes my cell phone, it will void the warranty”

A broken cell phone screen or any kind of damage to the parts of a phone generally voids the cell phone’s warranty. Thus, it is a baseless fact that a third party repair shop will void your phone’s warranty.

  1.        “It costs too much to repair my cell phone”

Cost of getting your cell phone repaired is misconceived by many people on a large space. According to a research doe in January 215 on data collected, the average rate of repairing an iPhone 6 was $179, which is much less as compared by replacing it with a new phone and will last longer.

  1.        “You want $200 to fix my galaxy S5?! But I only paid $100 for it!”

Most Smartphone users have no idea about the true value of their phone because the often get them as contract deals or through discounted rates. As a result, most consumers are hesitant to pay for the repairing of their phone especially if they ‘think’ it costs more than the phone itself that they bought at a discounted price. Once the users understand the true value of their Smartphones, paying for the repairs won’t be a problem anymore.

  1.        “My cell phone cannot be fixed”.

Yes, it can. Trust us. There are many expert and experienced technicians out there who have years of knowledge to repair any phone with any kind of problem.

  1.        “I can fix this iPhone/iPad/Smartphone myself, no problem!”

Well, there is no harm in trying to do something yourself but it may be just easy to say than do, because once you open your phone up you might end up doing more harm than good so it might be probably best for you to leave the repairing to a professional.

  1.        “Cell phone repair shops are sketchy and the technicians aren’t certified.”

Yes it’s true, since some fake business owners tend to only take advantage of their customers instead of actually solving their problems. But at the same time the repairing industry is filled with hundreds of trustworthy business who love helping their customers and yes they do have skilful technicians without certification, because as mentioned above many skilled technicians can solve your problems with the need of any certification too.