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iPhone 7, iOS 10, Apple Watch 2: Top Apple predictions for 2016

Top apple predictions for 2016


            The year 2015 saw some of the finest launch of products by Apple Incorporation. People went crazy when the Apple Watch was launched and introduced a whole new ways to operate this tech savvy gadget.  We have also witnessed the successful launch of iPhone 6s and 6s plus and have seen how the phones were celebrated having the first 3D Touch technology. We also saw the release of iPad Pro as a first generation product and similarly Apple launched its new TV in the same year. Thus, people are all geared up for 2016 and there is a high speculation over the range of products and its specification which Apple is set to launch in coming months.

1.     iPhone 7

Among all the Apple products there can be no dispute on considering iPhone 7 as the most anticipated phones of the year 2016. We have already seen how Apple has taken the markets by storm with the introduction of first 3D Touch Technology. Therefore we expect that the company will further build on this feature and capture its market by the launch of iPhone 7. Tech watchers are expecting Apple will take huge leap in department of design. They are predicting that the new phone will remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack and its thickness will be between 6.0mm to 6.5mm. Also there are reports that Apple will improve the camera, incorporate wireless charging and will design a waterproof model. The most important change that is speculated is that iPhone 7 will enlarge its display size by deleting the home button and make it an edge to edge screen.

2.     iOS 10

Apple launched a much needed upgrade of its mobile Operating System (OS) in September with release of iOS 9. The new OS was generally well received by the users despite having some minor glitches in the software. Consequently Apple is believed to upgrade its operating system with iOS 10. The upgraded version will possibly have the ability to hide default Apple apps and users will have option to download apps from third party. Similarly there is huge prediction that iOS 10 will have Home app to connect all the Home kit compatible products scattered around your house.

3.     Apple Watch 2

After the success of Apple Watch it can be said that the company will be encouraged to launch Apple Watch 2 and its release is speculated in March with iPhone 6c. The new watch will add new features like GPS and the watch will be water resistant, which was overlooked in the older version. We expect that Apple will take the focus on health on a next level and add many more sensors and doodads.

Thus it will be great year for the tech savvy people who will be able to get their hands on some of the coolest gadgets and will see a significant improvement of Apple’s range of products. So brace yourself and keep your stakes high as Apple never disappoints its loyal customers.

5 Reasons Your Repair Shop Should Be On Social Media

5 Reasons Your Repair Shop Should Be On Social Media

Using the right marketing strategies is essential if you want you repair shop to succeed. Although most repair ship turn over their marketing to an experienced marketing company, it is important to provide assistance and input in order to build a successful campaign. That assistance can be best provided through social media. The wealth of social media gives a worthwhile return on investment. Social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn present great marketing opportunities to promote your repairing practice, and here are 5 reasons how.


Almost all of your customers and prospective customers use social media. According to Pew Research Center almost 74% of internet users also use some form of social media. On Twitter if you type in specific keywords, you will find people looking for repair services too, and then you can direct them to your site. In Twitter telling people to get required products is just an @ away. Facebook gives you access to incomparable engagement and thus allows for powerful one on one communication. Unless you are part of some online conversation, you will miss out on being able to address and take advantage of people’s concerns if you do not promote yourself through social media. Moreover Facebook is a place where if you market to 2 friends, that person will tell 2 more friends and so on and so forth. Your valuable posts will even be shared amongst followers.


By using social media you can communicate the benefits of your getting work done from your repair shop like never before. It works even better if you offer helpful information instead of a sales pitch. No one wants to be sold something all the time. So for example you can post reviews about repairing or equipment related to repairing and how it will help you out. You can also give in tips through videos. The possibilities are endless. Just try to keep it informational and see traffic splurging towards you. No other form of traditional marketing allows you to do that.


All the investment you need to get started with marketing through social media is time. Of course that is at a premium but once you set up your Twitter account or Facebook page, posting regular updates and monitoring what is going on won’t take up a lot of your day. Almost all social media platforms also have mobile friendly applications so you can easily and quickly post from your phone during lunch breaks or appointments.


Being active on the social media platform aids in increasing the amount of traffic your website receives. Social media is increasing in importance as an SEO ranking signal. The more social media shares you get, the higher your ranking will be on Google. Being mentioned and talked about on social media is a positive sign which shows that you have content worth sharing and are popular. This in turn drives Google to regard you as being more authoritative, which allows your website to rank better in organic SEO.


Social networks like Twitter allow small businesses to locate potential customers and turn them into loyal ones. Through Hootsuits you can locate anyone tweeting about or needing a repair service and you can reach then out at a personal level. Reaching out potential customers at a personal level through any other marketing media would cause a dent on your pocket and is not practical. Therefore it is an easy way to generate leads.