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Blog posts of '2017' 'February'

CPO devices go on SALE !

Unlocked iPhone 6 for Sale

Electronic waste is at its hightest and continuing to grow. We continue to polute our planet with more electronic e-waste which inturn hurts us and the future generation. We at repairxpert specialise in fixing any model smartphone, tablet or computer and realised that we can go beyond just fixing things but also selling devices that are used but 100% working. These devices are our CPO - Certified Pre Owned ! 

These CPO units are inexpensive while being stylish. They continue to perform like a new device. We are delighted to offer this line of service to our existing services. We believe that the CPO market will continue to grow as consumers learn to save money and planet. 

We have the iPhone 6 for $299. This device is used and can have few scratches and dings. But it fuctionality is 100%, as we put our devices through a 45 - point functionality test. 

Which ensures that the device is 100% fuctionaning without any issues. Our devices devices are fully functional, having passed our 45-point functional test. Their screens and LCD displays will show signs of use; they will have hairline scratches or marks that will not inhibit the visibility of the screen. Their housing will show signs of use such as scratches / scuffs / nicks or other blemishes.