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Blog posts of '2016' 'April'

Mac or PC Fixed SAME DAY



Welcome to the future! The everyday use of computers has now found its way into the palm of our hand in the form of Smartphone & tablet devices.  Nowadays, you can do almost everything on these handy devices, which, a few years back, where proprietary only to computers.  But, let’s not abandon our computers so quickly! Even today, many of us still rely on our PC 's and Mac’s to get the bulk of our daily work accomplished. There will always be a home for them!
We aim to fix your PC/ Mac’s at the best possible price, providing high-quality service in a timely manner. We strictly use new and high-quality parts to repair your devices and offer a 90 day Warranty. We service homes, schools & cooperate users with anything from broken screens, display malfunctions, hard drive crashes, charging issue, virus infections, network problems to data recovery, and many things in between.
We know that our customers deserve the best level of service possible. To help all of our customers, RepairXpert.com has made the process of getting your Mac or Pc serviced very easy, which begins with some simple steps as mentioned below:
  1. Place your appointment according to a date and time convenient for you.
  2. Visit the RepairXpert and drop off your device for the repair on your selected day.
  3. Our Team of Xpert's will accept your device and begin the "FREE DIAGNOSIS". Oh yes, you read that correct! That's F R E E !!
  4. Once our technician completes his examination, you will receive an email or phone-call with the estimated cost to fix your device along with a complete diagnosis report.

Transparency is very important and we show that in our process. Most repairs are done on the same day.  So what you are you waiting for? No need to waste your precious time by thinking twice. Just bring your PC or Mac to the nearest RepairXpert location & get it fixed right away!
Visit RepairXpert.com to schedule your Appointment!
You can also Email us at pc@repairxpert.com or Call: (914) 481-4111.