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Blog posts of '2016' 'January'

5 ways to fix your iPhone 6 if it doesn’t ring


       With the launch of iPhone 6, Apple has taken the market by storm. Users of iPhone 6 are highly satisfied with its sleek design and added feature. The phone has build in iOS 8 operating system which can be upgraded to iOS 9. Similarly Dual-Core 1.4 GHz processor makes this phone fastest in comparison to its previous version. However, like any other phone, this phone has few issues that are reported by iPhone 6 users. The most common problem addressed by the users is that their phone does not ring. Although you can report this problem to Apple, but it is wise to check some solutions listed below that might save your visit to Apple store.

1.     Check if the mute is on

Often times you are at a meeting or at a conference and you may have turned your phone to mute. The meeting is over but you forgot to switch the mute off and then you wonder why you have missed so many calls. So the first step is to the check if the mute is on. Mute switch is located on the side of your device and if the orange line is visible inside the switch that means mute is on.

2.     Do not disturb

Before you start to panic about your phone not ringing you must also check whether your phone is on Do Not Disturb mode. For this you must go to settings and click on Do Not Disturb option. If the option is set on Manual, then turn it off and if Schedule is on then you must check the timings. Mostly your phone did not ring because of the timings you set the phone on.

3.     Reset network settings

Sometimes iPhone 6 does not ring because there has been some problem with the network settings. It is thus advisable to check the ringing of the phone by resetting your network settings. This can be done by going to Settings, then tap on General, tap on Reset and finally click on Reset Network Settings.

4.     Turn off 4G

Another way to solve this issue is to turn off your 4G which might be creating some problems with your phone. To do this you can go to Home screen and click on Settings and navigate to Cellular. There you can click on Enable LTE switch and turn it off. After this your phone might start ringing.

5.     Factory reset

This is the last solution which must be followed only if the above methods did not work. Before you reset your phone to Factory Reset make sure to back up your data. For resetting your phone go to Settings, tap on General and choose reset. Find erase all Content and Settings and click on it. You will be asked to choose Erase iPhone or cancel. You must click on the first option and wait for the phone to erase all the data. It might take an hour and the problem will be fixed.


Thus the above solutions mostly work but if the problem still persist then it will be best to visit Apple store and show your phone to a technician. 

Hottest Smartphones of 2015 Our Top 5 Picks

Hottest Smartphones of 2015: Our Top 5 Picks


2015 has been great for smartphone users. Latest technology and cool features has enabled daily routine tasks to be performed elegantly and efficiently. Here are out top 5 hottest smartphones for 2015:


 Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung had to come up with a bold and unique smartphone to compete against the big competitors like Apple. Samsung Galaxy S6 has turned the tables for Samsung and made its way to the top in the industry. Stepping away from the traditional plastic casing, Samsung has designed S6 in a classier metal body and has added a new flare to Samsung galaxy S series. It provides the sharpest display in the market and sells the S6 edge on its overwhelming bend body. The camera works wonder in different lighting and creates epic audio during media usage.

iPhone 6S

Apple was able to create an iPhone contrary to its previous designs and features, enabling it to make iPhone 6S a unique selling device of Apple. With the largest screen ever offered by Apple (4.7 inches), iPhone 6S manages to provide great quality and durability. In terms of performance, it has out run many new smartphones in the market and made sure that every application on iPhone 6 runs smoothly. To top it all, iOS 9 provides added features and comfortable use.

Motorola Turbo 2

Motorola Turbo 2 made its way into the news after promising a hard- scratch less screen that won’t break at all! Indeed, this smartphone passed variety of tests performed by users and manufactures to ensure that it can sustain a typical fall to ground without a scratch. Along with the toughness, comes the great battery life that is rare in the market and offers a great Android experience overall. The screen looks excellent during HD displays and does not weigh much on your hand while usage.

 LG V10

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by CNET, LG V10 can be stated as one of the best LG phones in the market. The outstanding camera control and features is what distinguishes it from the other Android phones. The added feature of fingerprint sensor makes sure that LG V10 stands out from those typical smartphones in everyone’s hand. It has also provided two front-facing cameras to take wider selfie shots and improve the experience with the camera. LG V10 has a sheer beauty look indeed!

 Huawei Nexus 6P

This year, Huawei has managed to increase its sale significantly and has proved its capabilities by introducing the Nexus 6P. Since its release in September’15 it has been one the most demanded smartphones in the market. Its 12 megapixel camera, 5.7 inch screen, 3 GB snapdragon RAM and 3450mAh long battery makes this smartphone irresistible. Power users can put their heavy workload on this smartphone and make it through the day easily. Its looks beautiful, has a great color range and the premium feel skims it out as one of the best phones.

5 Essential Mobile Security Tips

5 Essential Mobile Security Tips


Gone are the days when mobile phones were used strictly for the purpose of making and receiving calls. Communication has now taken a next level with the introduction of Smart Phones which are Wifi and 3G compatible. This device is now use to socialize, take pictures, listen to music, shop, make bank transaction and stay in touch with friends and family. Thus, this has lead to people sharing their private and professional information freely. Some steps must be taken to secure your data in case of losing your phones or being attacked by cyber criminals.

1.     Lock the device

There have been a number of cases reported by the users of their cell phone being stolen or lost. Therefore, it is essential for all the smart phone users to lock their device with difficult password or pattern. The phone must be then set on an auto destruct policy. The device will then detect the number of failed attempts of unlocking and automatically erase all the data stored.

2.     Avoid questionable apps

Phones are mostly attacked by malicious software which is infected with the Trojan horse. These fake applications appear as real and pose a serious threat to the personal data stored in the phones. It is always advisable to download apps from trusted stores such as Google Play store and App Store on Android and iPhone respectively. 

3.     Accept the patches

Personal computers and Laptops regularly needed to be updated and patched with recent software versions available to avoid any possible threat. The updated version eliminates any possible vulnerability that can cause you to lose your personal data. Similarly the applications and software in mobile phones must be updated regularly to ensure that your device is performing at optimal level and is not prone to any security threat.

4.     Back up your data

One must understand the possibility of phone being lost or stolen and which might result in losing important contacts and data. Thus, it must be your prime concern to regularly back up all your data and have access even when the information is accidentally deleted. Android and iPhone both have made it possible with their feature of sync on Google Drive and Cloud. You can restore all your information in 30 minutes and retrieve all your personal data through these apps.  


5.     Stay safely behind bars

Security experts strongly advise against jail breaking your phone. For some reason you might want to unlock your phones and remove the digital rights from a certain carrier, but it can be a serious security breach. It is therefore necessary to understand the security of your phone which is tied up with certain carrier and ensure the safety of your data stored. Unlocking a phone or jail breaking can significantly weaken the security of your device and so you must stay safely behind the bars of safety provided by the carrier.

The recent reports of personal data of celebrities being hacked and floated freely on the internet have made the security of your data questionable. Therefore, you must take consider all the security tips given above and ensure the safety of your data by all means.