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How to save battery life on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+

How to save battery life on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+

The latest devices in the iPhone range are really something. However despite the tons of features and perks; one thing remains the same; power issues. No matter how high-end or spectacular the device is; sooner or later you have to endure that low battery warning tone and join hands in prayer that you get to complete your tasks BEFORE its night night. Enough of what is in the now; let’s get to how you can overcome this minor setback.

Before implementing anything; it is a good idea to ensure that your battery is running normal and not having any special or latent defects. E.g. you may have some apps running which are preventing the phone from going into sleep mode. You can do a little test with the Usage and Standby times in settings at Battery Usage. This will help eliminate any free radicals in your experiments and fixes ahead.

Once you know everything in the background is in order; let’s move to running apps. In case you’re wondering why we’re stressing on apps so much; the reason is that apps require memory use which in turn runs off heavy juice (aka high battery consumption by the processor). In the same menu, scroll down to find the apps which form the major proportion of battery consumers. If you see any apps you can do without; now is the time to use them wisely or delete altogether.

Once apps are in check; let’s come to the direct power consumers. Ensure moderate brightness levels for maximum battery duration. Powering a display running at a whopping 1136by640 pixels is no joke and every fraction of brightness reduced can deliver noticeable gains. You can also set brightness at auto rather than keeping it at high levels all the time. Taking the screen power conservation a step further; you can set a low auto-lock time so the phone doesn’t linger with an on screen during idle periods. It is even better if you get yourself into a habit of locking it yourself after use.

Moving on; we have the radio. Automated as the iPhone is; its many sensors are always on the lookout for Wi-Fi, data coverage and networks. The airplane mode option doubles as a great standby tool here. E.g. if you know your journey is through a low signal coverage area; spare your phone the trouble and switch to airplane mode in advance. With all those sensors and constant searching processes at rest; you’ll see huge gains in battery time.

Apart from this; you can have notifications turned off from unimportant apps; your phone will be in standby and at ease more. Moreover if you’re not into the eye candy and visual effects; then switching to a simple layout such as static wallpapers and minimized animations; all these can combine to make a difference.

On an ending note; you can get a battery pack case if you’re a heavy user and needs demand it. One battery pack can double your time at no extra cost; except lugging some extra weight and a onetime purchase cost!

HTC M8 Microphone Replacement

HTC's aim with the M8 was to take the original HTC One, codenamed 'M7', and make everything better. As such the HTC One M8 is an all-round upgrade job. One thing's for sure: there are no major leaps with the M8, but we're seeing a similar trend with all new flagship smartphones.

HTC M8 SmartphoneHere in this HTC M8 Microphone Repair Video  You will see that our technician shows how to  replace the microphone ( which is a known issue with the M8 ). We at repairxpert.com have certified techicians that will creafully replace any part on your mobile device , tablet or computer. With customer service as our top priority, we have been able to start offering nationwide mail in repair service. If you have a broken phone or tablet , by visting www.repairxpert.com & simply selecting your device from our huge selection of smartphones and tablet mail in repair sevice. Select the issues you're having with your device , if your not able to select the problem or have multiple issues, just select our FREE ESTIMATE. Our trained technicians will diagnose the issues and get back to you with an estimated price at which point you have an option of fixing your phone or not. Mail your phone via any United States approved mailing services like, Fedex , UPS or USPS. Once we receive the phone or tablet, our trained technicians will be quick to work on it and fix all issues. We will mail it back once repair is done, for no extra charge to you.

http://youtu.be/HwHTMp5UWtk - LINK TO YOUTUBE VIDEO

We service the following:

- iPhone 4/ 4s/5/5s

- iPad 2/3/4 Repairs

- iPods

- Samsung

- Droid

- Smart Phone Repair

- Tablets

Other Repair Specialties:

- Screen Replacements

- Water damage

- Audio

- Volume button

- Home button

- Power button

- Speakers

- Charging port

We service the iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, and Mini; some common repairs that we provide are:

LCD replacement

Glass Digitizer replacement

Headphone Jack repair

Dock Connector repair

Camera replacement

Battery replacement

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iPad Cracked Screen Replacement White Plains NY



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RepairXpert.com offers a high quality iPad repair service, including iPad screen repair. Our cost effective iPad repair and iPad screen repair service gives you peace of mind when you need to maintain, upgrade or repair your iPad. Our full-time certified technicians on staff at our commercial location are dedicated to giving you the most efficient iPad repair service available.

When it comes to tablets, the iPad has continued to evolve over last several years making a tremendous impact on both consumers and businesses alike. Basically, the iPad changed mobile computing forever. The iPad’s ease of use, portability and array of application choice allows its popularity to be an ongoing trendsetter. Needless to say, an iPad purchase can be rather costly and providing the utmost care and protection should always be top of mind. It’s no surprise that so many of our iPad repairs are the result of our little ones at home learning about the latest in technology without realizing that a dropped iPad can mean a major expense. At repairxpert.com we are very sensitive to all needed iPad repairs regardless of the cause…”why replace when you can repair”. We are here to help you protect your device. We can fix your broken screen and LCD. It is not uncommon that your iPad will experience a variety of software issues over its lifetime. At repairXpert.com we can diagnose and repair your iPad within a 24 to 48 hour timeframe. ALL diagnostics are
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