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5 Reasons Your Repair Shop Should Be On Social Media

5 Reasons Your Repair Shop Should Be On Social Media

Using the right marketing strategies is essential if you want you repair shop to succeed. Although most repair ship turn over their marketing to an experienced marketing company, it is important to provide assistance and input in order to build a successful campaign. That assistance can be best provided through social media. The wealth of social media gives a worthwhile return on investment. Social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn present great marketing opportunities to promote your repairing practice, and here are 5 reasons how.


Almost all of your customers and prospective customers use social media. According to Pew Research Center almost 74% of internet users also use some form of social media. On Twitter if you type in specific keywords, you will find people looking for repair services too, and then you can direct them to your site. In Twitter telling people to get required products is just an @ away. Facebook gives you access to incomparable engagement and thus allows for powerful one on one communication. Unless you are part of some online conversation, you will miss out on being able to address and take advantage of people’s concerns if you do not promote yourself through social media. Moreover Facebook is a place where if you market to 2 friends, that person will tell 2 more friends and so on and so forth. Your valuable posts will even be shared amongst followers.


By using social media you can communicate the benefits of your getting work done from your repair shop like never before. It works even better if you offer helpful information instead of a sales pitch. No one wants to be sold something all the time. So for example you can post reviews about repairing or equipment related to repairing and how it will help you out. You can also give in tips through videos. The possibilities are endless. Just try to keep it informational and see traffic splurging towards you. No other form of traditional marketing allows you to do that.


All the investment you need to get started with marketing through social media is time. Of course that is at a premium but once you set up your Twitter account or Facebook page, posting regular updates and monitoring what is going on won’t take up a lot of your day. Almost all social media platforms also have mobile friendly applications so you can easily and quickly post from your phone during lunch breaks or appointments.


Being active on the social media platform aids in increasing the amount of traffic your website receives. Social media is increasing in importance as an SEO ranking signal. The more social media shares you get, the higher your ranking will be on Google. Being mentioned and talked about on social media is a positive sign which shows that you have content worth sharing and are popular. This in turn drives Google to regard you as being more authoritative, which allows your website to rank better in organic SEO.


Social networks like Twitter allow small businesses to locate potential customers and turn them into loyal ones. Through Hootsuits you can locate anyone tweeting about or needing a repair service and you can reach then out at a personal level. Reaching out potential customers at a personal level through any other marketing media would cause a dent on your pocket and is not practical. Therefore it is an easy way to generate leads.


Why Great Customer Service is Important for Your Repair Shop

Why Great Customer Service is Important for Your Repair Shop?

Having a great customer service is essential for all the businesses, but in a cell phone repair shop, the way you deal with your customers can either break or make your business. Having good customer service has the potential of a great first impression on the repair shop as a whole. Below are the reasons discussed in further detail as to why great customer service is important.

  •          The wireless repair industry depends on excellent customer service

All customers love to feel important. Successful repair shops tend to make their customers feel important by offering those VIP services and additional benefits a gesture of appreciation. However these additional benefits tend to vary from shop to shop as they can range from labour discounts to free upgrades to old customers. Thus treating your customers with respect, kindness and appreciation can take you further in your business along with greater success, as they day ‘people want to do business with people they like’.

  •          Do you trust your phone in the hands of just anyone?

Repair shops run their business entirely on trust and reliability as they have to perform on a very precious and delicate piece of equipment belonging to their customers. Customer service is of so much important in the cell phone repairing industry that it has now become one of the main requirements of every customer relying on you t fix their device.

Some of the best ideas, advice and plan everyone ever comes up is only due to other people’s successful business motivation. When starting your very own cell phone repair shop, one of the best things you should be able to do is model successful companies’ customer services and understands why it’s important. Let successful big business be an inspiration to you and know more about how they deal with their customers and model them for the betterment of your shop and make good customers in the long run.

  •          Small business success is highly dependent on the satisfied customer

Only the best of the cell phone repair shops emphasize on excellent customer service as number one policy of the company. Small business owners need to understand that only satisfied customers are the ultimate key to the growth of their company on a large scale. The competence of customer service among cell phone repair shop is huge and matters a lot in establishing a strong business and relationship with customers to make them keep coming back everyone they face a problem with their phones. Great customer service involves satisfying the needs of a customer and listening and responding in an efficient and friendly manner. In short, level of professionalism, respect and god communication is the foundations of success.

  •          Final Words of Wisdom

Now there are obviously other important things too for the success of your cell phone repair shop but this is the most important thing we have found that is going to you all the best chance and way to ensure that your own cell phone repair business prevails in the future. This is the only thing we expect you to make sure you model your repair shop after. Here at (name of the blog), we fully understand that getting hold of the key of a successful business is just as important as compared to anything else when staring your very own cell phone repair business.

Cell Repair vs Replace

Cell Repair vs Replace

Here we are with some tips on when it is better to repair your phone and when to replace it.



If your phone is aesthetically perfect and is also functional, but you are tempted to upgrade just because there is something new and better in the market, what you can do is resist your urge especially if you are tight on the pocket. Try to pick up some snazzy new case and upgrade it with the latest apps to give your gadget a new look at a small price tag.


If you love your phone but cannot deal with the cracked screen, simply get your screen replaced. Chances are that it is going to be a heck lot cheaper than getting a new piece and you can use the money on something that will protect your screen from getting cracked again like getting a glass screen protector or a protective casing.


If you don’t have any more room to store apps, videos, music or images, get a larger storage card or move the stuff you don’t use very often to your PC for safekeeping. This will save you bucks that you would otherwise spend on a new phone and give you more space on your phone.



If you have had your phone for quite some time and you still want to throw it against the wall, it might be a really bad fit for you. If you find it too much of a hassle to understand or too complicated, it is better to replace it. There is maybe a right device out there for you.


If your phone is broken so much that it can’t be used as a phone, has extensive water damage, broken internals, or shattered camera lenses, there is no way to save it, and repairing costs double the amount in which you could buy a brand new phone. The brand new phone will also give you a warranty against further damage.


If your phone is so old that you can’t play Candy Crush without freezing and then restarting, or you have to flip it and bash it against the wall every time you want to use it, fortunately or unfortunately, you need to treat yourself to a new phone.

So whether you want to replace your phone or repair it, you need to take the decision keeping in view your situation.


7 Common Misconceptions about Cell Phone Repair

7 Common Misconceptions about Cell Phone Repair

There is a lot of wrong and false buzz in the market about cell phone repairing from the media and the people on how they perceive the cell phone repairing industry. Since cell phones are now becoming an essential part of people’s everyday life, they become cautious when it comes to repairing their cell phones and thus, people end up developing these seven common misconceptions mentioned below. Let’s debunk these seven common misconceptions about cell phone repair to make life easier for the people and the repairing community:

  1.        “The only people who can fix my phone are certified technicians”.

A lot of people think that only certified technicians can repair or fix their phone the right way, however, the truth is no certification is needed to operate a mobile phone repair shop in most countries. Some of the highly skilled technicians without certification spend hours and hours researching and looking for solutions to solve cell phone problems and repair.

  1.        “If a third party repair shop fixes my cell phone, it will void the warranty”

A broken cell phone screen or any kind of damage to the parts of a phone generally voids the cell phone’s warranty. Thus, it is a baseless fact that a third party repair shop will void your phone’s warranty.

  1.        “It costs too much to repair my cell phone”

Cost of getting your cell phone repaired is misconceived by many people on a large space. According to a research doe in January 215 on data collected, the average rate of repairing an iPhone 6 was $179, which is much less as compared by replacing it with a new phone and will last longer.

  1.        “You want $200 to fix my galaxy S5?! But I only paid $100 for it!”

Most Smartphone users have no idea about the true value of their phone because the often get them as contract deals or through discounted rates. As a result, most consumers are hesitant to pay for the repairing of their phone especially if they ‘think’ it costs more than the phone itself that they bought at a discounted price. Once the users understand the true value of their Smartphones, paying for the repairs won’t be a problem anymore.

  1.        “My cell phone cannot be fixed”.

Yes, it can. Trust us. There are many expert and experienced technicians out there who have years of knowledge to repair any phone with any kind of problem.

  1.        “I can fix this iPhone/iPad/Smartphone myself, no problem!”

Well, there is no harm in trying to do something yourself but it may be just easy to say than do, because once you open your phone up you might end up doing more harm than good so it might be probably best for you to leave the repairing to a professional.

  1.        “Cell phone repair shops are sketchy and the technicians aren’t certified.”

Yes it’s true, since some fake business owners tend to only take advantage of their customers instead of actually solving their problems. But at the same time the repairing industry is filled with hundreds of trustworthy business who love helping their customers and yes they do have skilful technicians without certification, because as mentioned above many skilled technicians can solve your problems with the need of any certification too.

5 Questions to Ask Your Cell Phone Repair Shop


Everyone loves their cell phones which is why it’s pretty much understandable why anyone would not want to just hand them to over anyone to get them repaired. Finding an honest and trustworthy cell phone repair shop can be a tricky business as every shop wants customers .Read on this blog to know about the five frequently asked questions to a cell phone repair shop and why:

  1.        “What kind of warranty do you offer –and what does it cover?”

Most repair shops offers warranty anywhere from a time frame of thirty days to over six months. Ask the repair shop about what kind of warranty they have to offer you, however, keep in mind that warranty only covers parts and service and may not cover any accidental damage.

  1.        “How do you ensure the contents of my device remain private and protected?”

Keep your phone’s privacy intact is the top most priority of any user is when handing their phone over to a repair shop. Make sure that your chosen repair shop will keep your privacy safe and plays a huge part in preventing your private data from getting in the wrong hands. Make sure the repair shop has a solid privacy plan that can ensure your phone’s personal data safety.

  1.        “Where do you get your replacements parts?”

Which vendor the repair shop chooses to get the replacement parts from is less important as compared to finding out if they have a good relationship with any good vendor at all. This is important because a reliable vendor can offer your phone an extend warranty of its replaced parts. Aftermarket and Dem are the two parts usually used for replacement in repair shops. Ask your repair shop from where they obtain the replacement parts and are they reliable or not.

  1.        “Why are you cheaper (or more expensive) than other repair shops in town?”

Ask the cell phone repair shop about their pricing and competition. Why are they more expensive or cheaper? Do they have any higher requirements such as licenses? Or they are cheaper because they purchase cheaper parts or do not offer warranties?

  1.        “What happens if my phone is further damaged after leaving it with you?”

Most reputable repair shops will make you fill out a form detailing all their policies and what things they will be responsible for after you leave your phone with them. A trustworthy and loyal repair shop owner knows what to do if further damage is done to your phone after you leave it will them, but not all repair shops have the same policy. Therefore, make sure you pop this question up to the owner and if in case they do not make any promise to be responsible for such kind of damage to your property, it might be best to opt for another repair shop.

Asking these five important questions is important for understanding the loyalty and reliability of a repair shop before you settle on one.