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The RepairXperts On Growing A Small Business

 In case you missed it, today the U.S Small Businesses of America live streamed a workshop on how to grow your business. Facebook, Square, Google and Constant Contact sent representatives to offer advice on how to polish the online presence of your business. From the beginning of the video, the Google representative emphasized the importance of your website as a tool.

A website should be appealing and easy to use with a defined call to action. If you are a business online and you want your customers to act, why not make it easy for them?

If you have an online store, strengthen your conversion by displaying your online shop and product line as clearly as possible. For businesses that aren't necessarily selling online, figure out a way to get customers to visit your business to make purchases or receive a service. One of the suggestions mentioned was having an appointment module.

"Make sure that your website connects your customer them to whatever action they are looking for."

At RepairXpert we know that our customers are looking for high quality certified pre-owned devices, so we make that easy by displaying our  store and social initiative. Take the detective work out of your online presence. Your website is a business tool and it may be the first impression that a customer may have of your business.  Make it a good impression so you can build, engage and convert!

Reasons to Buy Certified Pre-Owned/(Used Phones)?

Why should you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned device with RepairXpert? 

At RepairXpert, we are industry leaders in the repair business. Therefore all of the devices we test for resale have gone through extensive testing. Our technicians ensure optimal performance of all of our products, not only do our smartphones look great, but they also perform excellently. There is no reason to lock into contracts and overspend when its time to replace your device.

The reasoning is not entirely financial, consider the environmental impact. Purchasing a refurbished phone protects the planet from an expense of its own,  electronic waste. Did you know that there are valuable and dangerous elements in your devices? When we discard anything, it goes through a decomposition process. Electronic waste, or e-waste, from your devices, decompose and reenter the environment in unnatural ways. Recycling electronics is still not the most efficient process, so optimizing the use of a device is essential to living green! 

When you bring devices to RepairXpert, we bring them  back to speed, or sell you a great refurbished replacement. In both instances, you are supporting Mother Nature and protecting your own funds and resources! Additionally, due to our Plant a Tree initiative, RepairXpert and the National Forest Foundation plant a tree every time you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned device. Give back and save money when you purchase a certified pre-owned device and upgrade the way you think about electronics. 

iPhone X: Tips to consider before buying an iPhone X

The iPhoneX, to buy or not to buy--that is the question.

The iPhone X, to buy or not to buy--that is the question.

The RepairXperts are here to help you with an answer! Consider your needs as a user, do you prefer a phone with the best camera? The fastest processor? Best security? The iPhone X is certainly flashy. However, you can get great functionality out of a certified pre-owned(CPO) device.

Buying a CPO device with the RepairXperts not only saves you money, but it also saves the environment with our Plant a Tree Initiative. If you are still contemplating committing to the thousand dollar purchase of an iPhone X. Read the features we outlined below to evaluate the features you need in a device properly.

Camera: Every time a new smartphone is released, there seems to be a slight camera upgrade. The iPhone X is no exception with its stunning 12MP wide angle camera. But this is a moment where you have to assess your needs. Are you in digital marketing, photography or some other specialized field that required high-quality photos? Or are you like most consumers who use phone cameras for personal use. 

Face ID: A defining feature of this new iPhone X is the erasure of the Touch ID scanner. Instead, the users face is recognized for Apple Pay and unlocking your phone. *Many have expressed concern over the security of a feature like this, however, Apple has assured the community that the device is secure.) This removal of the home button is a feature unique to the iPhone X and differentiates it from all other iPhone models.

Enhanced Screen: Without the Touch ID scanner, the home button was removed. The iPhone screen has an edge to edge display.

Speed: What are the requirements on he iPhone X has the fastest Apple processor to date the A11 Bionic Chip. This chip has four efficiency cores and two performance cores with six CPUs. This makes the phone 70% faster than the A10 Fusion chip found in older models. 

Consider these upgraded features and also consider your needs and expectations from a phone. Choose what is best for your wallet and your needs. We hope that you buy a buy a certified pre-owned device with us and take a stance against e-waste.


Buy One Plant A Tree: RepairXerpts versus electronic waste

The average American upgrades their cellphone approximately once every year. The demand for new smartphones creates an exciting technological market, but it is unfortunately unsustainable. Rare earth metals are in such high demand that the cellphone industry competes in the market for them with industries such as alternative energy: solar energy, wind turbines, and electric cars. Since most people are unaware of the value of their old cellphones, we decided to share some information. We hope to reintroduce importance to the 500 million phones discarded and forgotten in storage. Here are some of the elements found in an average iPhone:

1. Gold: Each iPhone has approximately .03g of gold. According to Money Metals, gold is currently worth approximately $1,324 per ounce. Gold is used in smartphones because the metal is very conductive and it doesn't oxidize easily.

2. Platinum: Each iPhone has approximately less than .001g of platinum. According to Money Metals, platinum is currently worth roughly $973 per ounce. Platinum is used in the circuitry of the cellphone and is a very critical industry metal for its uses as a capacitor.

3. Palladium: Each iPhone has approximately .02g of palladium. According to Money Metals, palladium is currently worth roughly $992 per ounce. Palladium has many uses as it is commonly used as a catalytic converter and a capacitor.

4. Silver: Each iPhone has approximately .34g of silver. According to Money Metals, silver is currently worth about $17 per ounce. Because of its durability and excellent conduction, silver is irreplaceable in the electronic industry for circuitry.

These are only four recognizable precious elements; there are many more metals with significant value to the electronics industry. These rare materials are locked up in old discarded cellphones and shelves of newly released devices. The approximate 500 million devices currently in American households has (in gold alone) the value of 800 million dollars. This estimate doesn't even include the value of the platinum, palladium, silver or countless other precious elements.

In conclusion, we just hope our customers and friends remember the importance of repairing and recycling. Recycling is socially ,financially and ecologically responsible in so many ways. If its time for a change, make a socially conscious choice and buy a Certified Pre Owned device with the RepairXperts. Plant a tree and take a stance against e-waste today!

What You Need To Know About Electronic Waste (eWaste)

What You Need To Know About Electronic Waste (eWaste)

Have you heard of Eric Lundgren? The hobbyist who built an electric car from scrap metal that  outperformed a Tesla! The motivation behind the build of this fantastic electric vehicle, the Phoenix, was to highlight eWaste. The Phoenix was built with "scrap" products that were doomed to become eWaste. Lundgren has been focused on hybrid recycling and reducing e-Waste, two issues that America has fallen behind the curve on.

Not many people are aware of the seriousness of the mounting e-Waste issue. While many are marginally mindful of the importance of recycling aluminum, glass, and plastic, not many people are aware of the  valuable elements that power their smart devices. This in conjunction with the consumer culture is catalyzing eWaste phenomena.

Did you know that the inefficiency in the industry inadvertently hinders the progress of fields such as solar energy, wind keeping power, and electric cars? Materials, so quickly discarded and forgotten, are instrumental in the development of alternative energy. Samsung is already experiencing the consequences of eWaste and is turning to recovering material from recycled devices as  cobalt becomes increasingly scarce

As eco-conscious members of the industry, we want to do our part to change the culture. We offer convenient repair services, in our store, at clients homes or business or by mail. The longevity of a device should not be determined by the availability of the next upgrade.


Our money is talking, what will your dollar say? 

International Women's Day from the RepairXperts

March 8th is International Women's Day.

International Women's Day was established during a labor strike March 8th, 1910 in New York City. While the original intent was to call attention to workplace gender inequality, the concerns of women across the globe have been addressed on this day. Last year the call to action was to #BeBoldForTheChange, and this year we are supporting women's rights by remaining motivated to #PressForProgress.

During last year's International Women's Day, the movement called for women not to spend any money, to wear red and to not work both domestic and paid labor. The point of this was to show how important women were to the economy and the workforce. While this effort had an interesting goal, it excluded participants of certain socio-economic groups. Despite this, the theme resonated all year and inspired women to demand equality in pay and rights. Movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have created unforgettable political statements. This year the #PressforProgress theme is an inclusive and interpretive CTA, asking us all to remain involved and inspired. Women play an important role in society; they should not be taken for granted.

The strike last year was to show how important women are and what the day looks like without them. While losing something is a way to understand how important it is, sometimes the consequence is not as temporary as the statement of a strike. We call our Earth, mother because our planet gives life. We want to also acknowledge all of the unappreciated labor our earth does for us.

This year, join us in acknowledging all that we take for granted. Let's appreciate diversity, nature, and equality all year! #PressForProgress and treat each other better. #PressForProgress and take care of our planet. Fight eWaste with the RepairXperts today.

5 Reasons To Buy A Certified Pre Owned Smartphone

5 Reasons To Buy Certified Pre Owned Phones

The RepairXperts want to change the narrative around Certified Pre-Owned(CPO) smartphones. Why is it that people continually purchase the newest and latest smartphones immediately following their release? Are the newest features so innovative and cutting edge that a pre-owned model would not suffice? Buying CPO devices is the economical choice, so what is it that can explain this consumer behavior? 

Do you remember being eligible for a 'free' phone upgrade? We do. The major smartphone carriers, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T all used to give out 'free' smartphones whenever you were eligible for a contract renewal. Locking existing customers into a two-year contract with the promise of a new smartphone was an effective way to get customers to commit. These days, the traditional contracts have are gone. Instead, nowadays smartphone upgrades are financed to customers by service providers. 

While the traditional two-year smartphone contract may not be present, most people are locked in for 18-24 months paying off a smartphone, a bill on top of monthly service fees. In a sense the contracts of yesterday still exist--and the transaction is more expensive.  

1. Avoid Contracts

Why finance a phone for 24 months when you can buy a certified pre-owned smartphone with the RepairXperts for half of the cost. Avoid locking yourself into a payment plan and make the financially sound choice.

2. Better Price/ Similar Features

The Certified Pre-Owned smartphones from the RepairXpert are priced from $250-$600, where a new smartphone can cost up to $1000. What features do you need our out of your smartphone?  Is a $1000 phone worth it to you?

3. Reduce e-Waste

Certified Pre-Owned Devices have very similar functionalities to newer models at a fraction of the cost. Not only is there a monetary cost, there is also an environmental cost. By purchasing certified pre-owned phones, you are helping fight e-Waste, a problematic side effect of our digital age.

4. Great Transition Phone

If you are considering making the switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa why not test the switch with a certified pre-owned cellphone first? Certified pre-owned phones are a great transition phone. Certified pre-owned devices are a great choice for students, adults, kid-- anyone who wants to save money. 

5.  Child-Friendly

Most parents have shared custody of their smartphones with their children. If this is you, download child-friendly apps to a used smartphone instead. Certified pre-owned devices are a great starter device for both children and elderly people. 

6. Plant a Tree.

Whenever you buy a used smartphone with us, we plant a tree.The RepairXperts are partnered with the National Forest Foundation in an initiative to plant trees. Fight electronic waste, plant trees and save money with the RepairXperts.  

Plant Trees with the RepairXperts in Westchester NY

The RepairXperts want you to plant trees with us!

We are lucky to live on a beautiful planet, full of life and varieties of splendor. Our planet home is currently in need of maintenance, and as a local business in Westchester County, we decided to give back and plant trees. The RepairXperts are pledging a gift to the National Forest Foundation when our customers buy a certified pre owned device with us, or when they repair certain device hardware issues.

Planting native trees benefits local wildlife, our water quality and climate maintenance. As a small business in Westchester County, our beautiful neighborhoods have great parks and trails lined with trees. Westchester County is home to many trees including maples, birches, pines, and hickories. If the health of our bodies is wealth, the health of our planet is the wealth of our present and future. Not only do our trees help us breathe, provide shelter to local wildlife, clean our water, give us fruit, sap, wood, etc. Many modern medicines were derived from trees, and there are still holistic alternatives to pharmaceuticals growing in your neighborhood. Here are a few medicinal properties of trees that might be in your backyard!

1. Maple: Westchester County is home to the red maple and sugar maple. Did you know that the bark and leaves of this tree had medicinal properties? Maple leaves are not only a tasty fall delicacy.. The leaves can be used as a wound wash or poultice for sore eyes. The bark tea helps fight kidney and lung infections and colds. Sweet Birch/Gray Birch: New York is home to the Sweet Birch and The Gray Birch. The bark of the birch tree is a natural bath treatment for skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and rashes. The sap of the birch tree has betulinic acid(anti-cancerous) and salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory)

2. White Ash: The white ash is native to Westchester County. The twigs and leaves of the white ash can be used in a tea to reduce rheumatism, jaundice, lice, and gout!

3. Beech: The bark from the American beech tree has been traditionally used to treat lung problems and was once used for tuberculosis treatments. The leaves also have medicinal uses for frostbites and burns!

4. Flowering Dogwood: 4. Flowering Dogwood: Not only is the flowering dogwood a gorgeous tree to plant, but it has medicinal properties as well! Before quinine was popularized from the South America cinchona tree, the dogwood was used to treat malaria cases. Native Americans were known to use the dogwood bark to treat fevers, headache pain, inflammation and a general tonic for poisons. 

5. Cedar: The bark from the eastern red cedar is known to produce a tea that helps treat fevers, flu, rheumatism and chest colds. Eastern red cedar tea was also used by the Cheyenne to speed up childbirth and to treat pneumonia, tonsillitis, and mania. 

6. Sassafras: The sassafras tree is a fragrant tree that you will not regret planting! Make a tonic from the root bark and create an excellent diuretic. The tonic and teas from sassafras have a pleasant taste

Comment below and tell us what trees grow in your neighborhood and remember to shop with the RepairXperts to plant a tree the next time you need to purchase a phone or repair a device. 

The ToxiCity of eWaste: Its time to reuse and recycle

The device you are reading this on right now will one day be eWaste.

It's 2018, we are on our devices constantly and the expansion of the IOT, has only diversified how we can connect. The average person has a cellphone, a personal computer, a gaming console and perhaps an e Watch and much more. The RepairXperts want to make sure that people understand the importance of their impact on e-Waste. We are educating our friends and followers on recycling electronics, buying used devices and understanding the value of a device. 

It is important that the valuable material found in the estimated 500 million phones discarded throughout the country are recycled. We are already creating digital garbage gyres, and as usual, the world's most vulnerable countries are affected. In Accra Ghana, there is an e-Waste dump that covers over 20 acres called Agbogbloshie or ToxiCity, and it's the worlds largest e-Waste dump. 

Acres of land in the developing world are aswirl with toxic smoke as low-income workers extract materials to sell to metal dealers and traders. Outside of fact that these labor conditions are unsafe and unethical--consider that they are inefficient. Efficient recycling should be a factor in the device design!  

Perhaps its time to evaluate two codependent economies, ourselves and our environment.

Companies are scrambling to secure metals to produce metals to create more product for us to throw away! We need to do better and invest the wealth of our planet as wisely and efficiently as we invest our dollars. Protect Mother Nature and protect the future of our planet.

1. Use your devices longer and shop wisely for upgrades.

2. Repair your devices instead of replacing them

3. Replace devices with Certified Pre Owned devices 

4. Recycle/donate used devices for reuse/ material extraction

The RepairXperts Help You Compare The Best Smartphones

What is the value of your smartphone? The market price for a new smartphones is anywhere between $600-$1000. The RepairXpert sells certified pre-owned devices from $200-$600, a $400 difference! We decided to investigate some feature comparisons to understand the upgrades people are paying for. 

What are the differences in the devices that is creating a divide like this?

iPhone StartUp Comparison:

Are people paying for a faster phone? As seen in the video the iPhone 8 and 8Plus were the fastest to start, however the iPhone 6S followed and then the iPhone 7. This was then followed by the original iPhone! The startup speed was not determined by the year of release. 

iPhone Sound Comparison: 

Perhaps people are paying for superior sound quality. In this video The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus have great sound and have the most superior speakers in terms of decibles (103.9 and 103.1) However the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone7 had a similar range of sound capability--the only real differences were seen in the original iPhone models.  

iPhone Camera Comparison: 

The camera comparison shows that Apple has improved the lowlight image capturing and the video captures. The comparison between the original iPhone and the iPhone 8 are . The camera difference between the later models frame for frame show not much of a discernible difference with the iPhone 5,iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. Watch the comparison closely, to the naked eye are the differences worth $400?  The photo quality of an iPhone 5 is perfectly adequate to the average user. 

iPhone Internet Speed Comparison:

Apple has done a great job of improving the sophistication of their devices. The iPhone 8 is one of the best smartphones of 2017. But the best smartphones of the years previous have similar features and the price difference makes you consider what it is that you are paying for? 

Samsung Galaxy StartUp Comparison: 

As seen in the video, the Galaxy 8 had the fastest start up speed, but it was surprisingly followed by the Galaxy S2, S6 and Galaxy S5. Once again, the startup speed of the smartphone was not determined by the year of release.

Samsung Galaxy Speed Comparison: 

Lets check out the speed--perhaps people are paying for the speed of the Samsung Galaxy. As noted in the video the Galaxy S5 model and up are equipped with great WiFi chips that access websites very quickly. The HTML browser compatibility for the Galaxy S5 actually beats the Galaxy S8. The speed of the fingerprint unlock was also pretty consistent throughout models. 

Samsung Galaxy Sound Comparison: 

The Samsung Galaxy 8 has great sound and its speaker system is an improvement when compared to the Galaxy S7. The numbers of the decibel output was consistent across all of the Samsung models. However the first Galaxy S had the highest output of 100.6 decibels, which was even higher than the S8. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera Comparison: 

As with Apple, the camera improvement for the Samsung Galaxy is seen with its low light and video capabilities. The photo comparison in adequate lighting showed very few differences. 

When you buy a certified pre-owned device you are paying more than half of the market prices on devices! We compared features to help our customers educate themselves on the value of the device they are buying and what they are willing to pay for  you compare features and ask yourself what you are looking for in a device it is really astounding to realize how the year of the device has little to do with the performance of the device. It means that there is more value in the capability of the devices. Create even more value. Fight e-waste, save money and plant a tree. Buy with the RepairXperts and make a difference today.