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Laurie M.

“ This place is fantastic!! My sons phone was in another store for 5 wks. That store had no idea what was wrong with it. Took it here to Repair Xpert and it was fixed within 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes!! They also took the time to answer some of my sons questions he had. Very nice people. I would recommend this store hands down. ”

Jamie J.

“ I had an issue that I needed help with and tried a few places before I came across these guys. Abi helped me out and he was awesome. They do great work, in a short time, for a more than reasonable price. ”

John C.

“ Once again these guys bailed me out. 7:30 at night, broken iPhone 5 screen and display. They fixed it in 20 minutes! Can't say enough good things about them! ”

Kent M.

“ iPhone repairs were very quick and effective. I brought my phone in and they were able to turn it around in 30 minutes. I was from out of town and they were a huge help. ”

Leon S.

“ These guys did a fantastic job fixing my phone. Good customer service, affordable rates and everything was done quickly. I definitely recommend them. ”

Suzuka W.

“ It was very reasonable price and the service was so fast! And people work here are super nice! I definitely recommend it!!!!!!!!! ”

Jay P.

“ Fast, good service. Replaced the broken glass on my iPhone for $70. ”

Jazmin D.

“ Very nice attended..Reasonable prices..Repair my kindle and had a battery for my iPhone 4S.. ”

E Saxxon

Great guy! Professional and courteous. Fast, excellent service. I am very happy with the job they did on my Axon 7 putting a new screen on. Very happy.

Mark Rookwood

Repair service at RepairXpert is best I've had of any service provider. Quick turnaround, excellent pricing for repairs and all around excellent customer service. Far better service than Apple, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Best Buy and essentially any retail location that I've purchased electronic equipment from. I've had successful repairs on several phones, a laptop and an IPad. This is my GO TO repair center for my electronic equipment.

David Schmaling

My mother had her Galaxy S6 "non-replaceable" battery replaced. Took only 20 minutes, and saved her hundreds not having to replace her phone (which Verizon said was her only option). She said the technician was wonderful. This was in the Port Chester location.

Michael Dinneen

Incredible service. Quick turnaround. Will never go anywhere else for my repairs.

Franki Terranova

I have an iphone that I shattered front and back last year. I thought it was beyond repair so just purchased an older iphone (the broken phone was being paid off as part of my contract) and used the replacement for over a year until I came across this company and asked what the chances were of the VERY broken phone being repaired and George took a look at it that lasted all of 2 seconds and said "we can fix it." Even with that said I still did not believe it - it was really in bad shape (it looked like it fell of a 20 story building and then got run over by truck.) TO MY SURPRISE THEY FIXED IT IN UNDER AN HOUR AND AT A REASONABLE PRICE - I am truly amazed and suggest everyone take your broken items there!
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