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Laurie M.

“ This place is fantastic!! My sons phone was in another store for 5 wks. That store had no idea what was wrong with it. Took it here to Repair Xpert and it was fixed within 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes!! They also took the time to answer some of my sons questions he had. Very nice people. I would recommend this store hands down. ”

Jamie J.

“ I had an issue that I needed help with and tried a few places before I came across these guys. Abi helped me out and he was awesome. They do great work, in a short time, for a more than reasonable price. ”

John C.

“ Once again these guys bailed me out. 7:30 at night, broken iPhone 5 screen and display. They fixed it in 20 minutes! Can't say enough good things about them! ”

Kent M.

“ iPhone repairs were very quick and effective. I brought my phone in and they were able to turn it around in 30 minutes. I was from out of town and they were a huge help. ”

Leon S.

“ These guys did a fantastic job fixing my phone. Good customer service, affordable rates and everything was done quickly. I definitely recommend them. ”

Suzuka W.

“ It was very reasonable price and the service was so fast! And people work here are super nice! I definitely recommend it!!!!!!!!! ”

Jay P.

“ Fast, good service. Replaced the broken glass on my iPhone for $70. ”

Jazmin D.

“ Very nice attended..Reasonable prices..Repair my kindle and had a battery for my iPhone 4S.. ”

Its A Secret

These guys were amazing! I'm embarrassed that it took me a year to review them. My phone was completely dead - would not turn on. I had some incredibly sentimental pics and videos on the phone that I thought I had lost forever (I backup my data, but hadn't had a chance to do so before my phone died). They were able to get my phone up and running (pics & videos recovered!) at a very reasonable price. I highllllllllllllly recommend them!

Anna Maria Wagner

Excellent experience. Ask for Abbie. Very helpful & professional! My phone got wet & unfortunately I didn't have my photos backed up to iCloud. I thought my pictures & videos of my son were gone but Abbie was able to recover them. So grateful beyond words! Thank you so so so much!

Carlos Hernandez

What an amazing computer repair store . They're process is very user friendly and price was fenomenal . A shout out to Abi for his constant communication and service . Best shop near Greenwich and Rye . Other shops over quote.

Suki mccarty

I spilled oil on my computer and came here to see if there was anything they could do to fix it, they said they would call in 3-4 business days and let me know info on whether they could fix it or not. After paying $80 so they can run this diagnostic test, I wait 3-4 days and receive no response. On the 5th day without a computer I call them to see if they have any updates and they say that they'll call me either later that day or tomorrow. The next day, I still hear no response so I call again the FOLLOWING day, now on the 7th day a week without my computer, and they tell me they have to clean the screen but they're not sure on the price range yet so I have to wait ANOTHER DAY. The next day I call AGAIN and finally get in touch with the technician who tells me if I want to fix it, it would cost $905, so I say no because at this point it would be more efficient to just take it to the Apple Store also I don't have $905 so I just ask for my computer back, they say it's at the warehouse and they'll be able to get it to me in "a couple days." After 2 days I call AGAIN and they say they're not sure if my computer is ready yet and they'll call back, so at this point I just want my computer back, so I call a second time that day and explain that if they don't give me my computer back I'm calling the police, in which FINALLY they agree that they'll have my computer ready in a couple hours. NOT A TRUSTWORTHY PLACE especially if you're like me and need your technology back in a time sensitive manner

Jennifer Nolan

I paid $120 for my iPhone 6s screen to be fixed. They fixed it and everything seemed fine and I was told that if something was wrong that I could come back within 30 days to get it fixed. I received no forms or anything on their policies just that within 30 days if something is wrong they will fix it. Less than a week later my phone started getting these weird shatter like bubbles on the edge of the screen. I went back in to have them fix it and tell me its from "moisture" and they don't cover that. I told him I didn't understand and that it had only been a week and I'm not sure how moisture could have gotten into my phone screen. After that the salesman continued to tell me that new screens aren't like regular iPhone screens and they are more sensitive. Which I was not told upon leaving a week prior with my new screen. I was not told or informed of this policy or told to go online to view their policies. The salesman assured me if ANYTHING goes wrong within the next 30 days they will fix it. So I did not pay to have them fix it again and ever since I've been having issues with the screen. My phone is in a lifeproof case and it has still cracked since getting fixed. Their screens are poor quality on top of their customer service. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.
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