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5 Reasons To Buy A Certified Pre Owned Smartphone

5 Reasons To Buy Certified Pre Owned Phones

The RepairXperts want to change the narrative around Certified Pre-Owned(CPO) smartphones. Why is it that people continually purchase the newest and latest smartphones immediately following their release? Are the newest features so innovative and cutting edge that a pre-owned model would not suffice? Buying CPO devices is the economical choice, so what is it that can explain this consumer behavior? 

Do you remember being eligible for a 'free' phone upgrade? We do. The major smartphone carriers, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T all used to give out 'free' smartphones whenever you were eligible for a contract renewal. Locking existing customers into a two-year contract with the promise of a new smartphone was an effective way to get customers to commit. These days, the traditional contracts have are gone. Instead, nowadays smartphone upgrades are financed to customers by service providers. 

While the traditional two-year smartphone contract may not be present, most people are locked in for 18-24 months paying off a smartphone, a bill on top of monthly service fees. In a sense the contracts of yesterday still exist--and the transaction is more expensive.  

1. Avoid Contracts

Why finance a phone for 24 months when you can buy a certified pre-owned smartphone with the RepairXperts for half of the cost. Avoid locking yourself into a payment plan and make the financially sound choice.

2. Better Price/ Similar Features

The Certified Pre-Owned smartphones from the RepairXpert are priced from $250-$600, where a new smartphone can cost up to $1000. What features do you need our out of your smartphone?  Is a $1000 phone worth it to you?

3. Reduce e-Waste

Certified Pre-Owned Devices have very similar functionalities to newer models at a fraction of the cost. Not only is there a monetary cost, there is also an environmental cost. By purchasing certified pre-owned phones, you are helping fight e-Waste, a problematic side effect of our digital age.

4. Great Transition Phone

If you are considering making the switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa why not test the switch with a certified pre-owned cellphone first? Certified pre-owned phones are a great transition phone. Certified pre-owned devices are a great choice for students, adults, kid-- anyone who wants to save money. 

5.  Child-Friendly

Most parents have shared custody of their smartphones with their children. If this is you, download child-friendly apps to a used smartphone instead. Certified pre-owned devices are a great starter device for both children and elderly people. 

6. Plant a Tree.

Whenever you buy a used smartphone with us, we plant a tree.The RepairXperts are partnered with the National Forest Foundation in an initiative to plant trees. Fight electronic waste, plant trees and save money with the RepairXperts.  

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