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5 Questions to Ask Your Cell Phone Repair Shop


Everyone loves their cell phones which is why it’s pretty much understandable why anyone would not want to just hand them to over anyone to get them repaired. Finding an honest and trustworthy cell phone repair shop can be a tricky business as every shop wants customers .Read on this blog to know about the five frequently asked questions to a cell phone repair shop and why:

  1.        “What kind of warranty do you offer –and what does it cover?”

Most repair shops offers warranty anywhere from a time frame of thirty days to over six months. Ask the repair shop about what kind of warranty they have to offer you, however, keep in mind that warranty only covers parts and service and may not cover any accidental damage.

  1.        “How do you ensure the contents of my device remain private and protected?”

Keep your phone’s privacy intact is the top most priority of any user is when handing their phone over to a repair shop. Make sure that your chosen repair shop will keep your privacy safe and plays a huge part in preventing your private data from getting in the wrong hands. Make sure the repair shop has a solid privacy plan that can ensure your phone’s personal data safety.

  1.        “Where do you get your replacements parts?”

Which vendor the repair shop chooses to get the replacement parts from is less important as compared to finding out if they have a good relationship with any good vendor at all. This is important because a reliable vendor can offer your phone an extend warranty of its replaced parts. Aftermarket and Dem are the two parts usually used for replacement in repair shops. Ask your repair shop from where they obtain the replacement parts and are they reliable or not.

  1.        “Why are you cheaper (or more expensive) than other repair shops in town?”

Ask the cell phone repair shop about their pricing and competition. Why are they more expensive or cheaper? Do they have any higher requirements such as licenses? Or they are cheaper because they purchase cheaper parts or do not offer warranties?

  1.        “What happens if my phone is further damaged after leaving it with you?”

Most reputable repair shops will make you fill out a form detailing all their policies and what things they will be responsible for after you leave your phone with them. A trustworthy and loyal repair shop owner knows what to do if further damage is done to your phone after you leave it will them, but not all repair shops have the same policy. Therefore, make sure you pop this question up to the owner and if in case they do not make any promise to be responsible for such kind of damage to your property, it might be best to opt for another repair shop.

Asking these five important questions is important for understanding the loyalty and reliability of a repair shop before you settle on one.

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1/10/2017 3:17 AM
It is good to know that asking where a service gets their replacement parts is appropriate when it comes to cell phone repair services. It would be best if they had a reliable vendor. My friend recently shattered the screen of her phone and was happy to get it replaced in less than an hour. http://cellphonerepairinarlingtonheights.com/2015/02/cell-phone-repair-arlington-heights-schaumburg/
4/5/2017 1:06 PM

Very good question. We should ask from cell phone repair shops.